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Alliance Physical Therapy

Alliance Physical Therapy is a not just a new clinic, it’s a new approach to therapy. Our primary focus is getting you better quicker and we provide a premier service right here in Portland, Maine.

We’re unique in the region, with our ethos hinging on getting maximum results in minimum visits. Not only is this more convenient, it also keeps your costs down while helping you achieve your goals more quickly.

Based on site at Martin’s Point in Portland, Maine, our locally owned, independent outpatient orthopedic and sports clinic is the 23rd addition to the Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network (PRN). Our colleagues within Martin’s Point share our ethics and together we’re committed to providing superior, innovative and responsible healthcare to our community.


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Open for walk-in business.
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Philip Chamberlain
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Monday - Friday 7am - 6.30pm


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331 Veranda St, Portland, ME 04103, USA
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