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Angie Morin, Animal Communicator

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking, or do you want to understand how your pet is feeling? Does your pet have a strange behavior? Or has your pet developed a disobedience? Angie can help! Angie is a well known and respected animal communicator that can help humans to better understand their animals, which will create stronger relationships between the two individuals.

Angie goes deep to the soul level to help humans understand the reason each animal was brought into their lives and what lessons the animal is there to share and help it’s human friend learn.

Animal communication can simply be a fun way to connect with your pet for improved understanding and relationship. It can also be utilized for more serious concerns, like nuisance and behavior issues.  It can even help with medical issues.  In any case, regardless of the reason, a session with your pet is sure to deepen your understanding and relationship with your pet on all levels and strengthen the bond you share. Your heart will be warmed after learning the depth at which animals love and why each animal was placed in your path.

Since Angie works with animals all over the country, most sessions are done remotely by phone or email. A lot of people ask Angie how she can communicate with animals, especially remotely. It’s all done telepathically by connecting to their energy. Animals naturally vibrate higher than humans. When communicating with them Angie raises her vibration to a level that can match theirs and then the information is downloaded to her. Since this is a telepathic connection, the animals do not need to be present for a reading. All that is required is the pet’s name and a photo.  In person sessions are available on a limited basis for those that live near Angie’s hometown. 

Angie was mentioned in Seacoast Newspaper for her part in helping reunite a dog lost for two weeks with her family! Angie was the only communicator that knew Paisley was still alive and outside in the surrounding location


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