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This is a small cleaning business owned and run by me the owner. :)  I clean residential homes, however, I also make herbal cleaners and room/linen sprays.  I would like to offer curbside delivery to those who may want to get a completely different cleaning experience from that of using commercial cleaners.  This experience lifts your mood and brings you to different places whilst  taking in the scent of lemons, basil, lavender and many other scents to uplift not just your home but you.  In these trying/cooped up times, I feel as though these cleaners and room sprays would be beneficial in many different ways.  I offer five cleaners as well as many different room/linen sprays ranging from spring scents to Christmas scents.  My cleaners are bathroom, kitchen, granite, furniture & window.   These cleaners can clean other things as well.  If you have an inquiry I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. :)  I'm willing to travel a 25 mile radius to you at no fee with a minimum of a three item purchase.  If you are further, I don't mind sending it via mail plus shipping.  I use these cleaners and sprays in my clients homes and they cannot get enough of it! The cleaners are 9.50 each and the sprays are 7.50 each.  Well wishes to you and yours.


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Open for customers online only (web business.)
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Jody McKinnon
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8am - 8pm Feel free to call me or text me whenever you are free, however, to get a quick response these time frames are the best.


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Alfred, ME, USA
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