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Jen’s Delightful Sweets Bakery

We are a retail /wholesale bakery located in Springvale, Maine across from the Springvale District Courthouse. During the pandemic Jennifer taught herself to make bagels. Everything at Jen’s Delightful Sweets is made from scratch. Some of our items include doughnuts, bagels, banana bread with and without walnuts, brownies, turnovers, parfaits, cookies and Whoopi pies just to name a few. Customized platters can also be ordered as well as birthday cakes, wedding cakes and holiday pies. Find Jens Delightful Sweets on Facebook to follow and place orders with us and much more like our soups n stews..


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Open for walk-in business.
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Jennifer Brady
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Tues-Sat 9am-2pm


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446 Main Street, Springvale, ME, USA
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