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O.A.T. Maine Wild Blueberry Crumb Tart on plate

Oats Any Time

Created to cure an addiction to Whoopie Pies.

O.A.T. Fruit Filled Crumb Tarts are a smart & satisfying reason to skip other sweet treats that lack health benefits.

Filled with 45g of ORGANIC Whole Grains, and 8g of plant based Protein, O.A.T. Crumb Tarts are a good source of Soluble Fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Magnesium & Selenium.  These all aid in Healthy Hearts, Lower Cholesterol, Weight Control, and help prevent and control Type II Diabetes.  Each 4" O.A.T. Crumb Tart is equal to 1 serving of ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Steel-Cut Oatmeal, so you can enjoy it as a meal replacement, or cut it in wedges and eat as a snack.

NEW in 2019, thru a Collaboration with The New England Cupboard (a Maine Specialty Food Mix Manufacturer founded in 1995), Oats Any Time’s Proprietary Gluten Free O.A.T. Blend is now the #1 Ingredient in their new line of Gluten-free Baking Mixes!  Our GLUTEN-Free O.A.T. Blend is a mix that will appeal to EVERYONE, as the only flour that we use is from Steel Cut Oats and Cashews!!Our Gluten-Free Steel Cut O.A.T. Blend is freshly milled in Hermon Maine, creating a Wholegrain, Nutritious, Gluten-Free product.  For more information, or to order our baking mixes, please visit www.newenglandcupboard.com .



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