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Established in 2018 by Bernadette Dunphe, Trinity Healing is dedicated to helping clients align the mind, body, and soul. Each part requires balance and integration in order to feel the wholeness and fullness that we truly are. When one part is blocked, the others cannot function to the upmost and highest capability. Trinity Healing believes in a holistic approach that caters to each individual's needs, for everyone is different and requires special individualized care.

Bernadette believes in the strength & capability of each person and believes that each client is their own best healer. We may require assistance and guidance along our journey, but each client knows themselves better than anybody and has the capacity for self healing. Having a background in Psychology and Social work, Bernadette comes from a strengths based perspective. This perspective focuses on teaching and guiding the client how to empower themselves so that they may receive the support, healing, clarity, and alignment with themselves, their goals, and true life purpose that they are seeking.

Bernadette uses her natural gifts of being a Psychic Medium and Reiki practitioner to bring awareness and information to clients for their highest good. She has been connected to Spirit her whole life and encourages others to cultivate and enjoy their relationship to Spirit as well, for it is possible for everyone. Having a connection to one's inner source is the key and gateway to achieving one's desired reality, ensuring a rich, divine relationship with ones' self and with Spirit. It is Bernadette's sincerest hope that each client walks away feeling supported, respected, empowered, and connected to their inner source and Spirit.


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