Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Business Listing

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Business Listing

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Logging In To Your Existing Account

First things first, how to log in! A the top of the WeAreMaineStrong website, click on ADD/MANAGE LISTING. In the drop down list, choose ‘Manage Existing Listing.’ If you are not already logged in, click where it says “You can login Here.” This will take you to a page where you use the username and password you created to develop your business listing. If you forgot your username, send us an email at and we would be more than happy to look it up for you! If you forgot your password, there is a “Recover Password” button you can click on right below! Once you have entered in your log in information, be sure to check off “Remember Me” so you won’t have to repeat this step every time. 


A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words!

Having multiple pictures on your business listing makes you more eye-catching and will lure customers in to click ! We encourage you to upload logos, photos of the building, products that you make, dishes that you serve- anything that you feel BEST represents your business! Restaurants and food service businesses specifically- UPLOAD PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD!

Photo Dimensions

The ideal size of a picture is 650 x 850 pixels. If you don’t have the tools to resize a picture, pick one that is roughly the size of the rectangle below!

If your photograph is larger, make sure to choose one that has the parts of the picture you want to show like in the rectangle below. Also be aware that the smaller the graphic you upload, the less clear it will be once published.

And if all else fails, we are here to lend a hand! We make sure to check through listings frequently to resize uploaded pictures that look stretched out or cut off.

Take Advantage of the Description Box!

Use the description box to keep your business listing up to date! Give an explanation about who you are as a company, what you do, and how exactly you’re operating differently during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is ESCPECIALLY crucial if you do not have a website for customers to learn about the goods & services you offer. As we move forward and things continue to change, your business will inevitably too. Keep potential customers in the know by displaying up to date information.

If you do not have a website, make sure you let them know the best way to get in touch with you!

Link Your Social Media Pages!

Be sure to feature your Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, or whatever other social media accounts your business may have!

Be Clear On Your Hours of Operation

Make sure to list your hours and exactly what week days you’re open/available! 9-5 does not let the reader know if they are able to reach you on the weekends!

Display Your Address Correctly

When entering your address, make sure to click on the google maps address that pops up! This way the interactive map will be activated and your potential customer will be able to better find you. You can even connect straight to the Google Maps app on your phone for an easy routing experience! If your business has more than one location, add  your most popular location and list your other ones in the description box.

Be Patient <3

There are only 2 people approving all new and edited listings that come in. This means as soon as you “post” your listing, it won’t technically go live until we make sure everything looks good on our end.  This also means that when you go back in and change something on your listing, it will be temporarily pulled from the site until we are able to go in and approve it. Patience is key- we will get to them all, promise!